Don't Put Your Product in the Cage of Your Language!

"There are hundreds of ways a translation project can go off track: ridiculous deadlines, ambiguities in source text amplified by the translator not asking questions, misapplied MT (machine translation), no proofreading of typeset text by a native speaker, blissful unawareness of an over-confident translator operating in a vacuum, poor coordination of large projects, poor cheap freelance translator, poor expensive freelance translator, poor cheap translation company, poor expensive translation company, no client input, and on and on" (ATA, 2003: 28).

Conforming to the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 31000, and BS EN 15038, and employing carefully drafted Quality Management and Project Risk Management models, PrimoWords makes sure nothing as stated above happens to your projects.

According to PrimoWords code of conduct, we do whatever it takes to deliver high quality within tightest deadlines, even if we have to go over our budget! Our determination and commitment to our vision ensures that we keep a steady annual growth which in turn enables us to better serve our clients and exceed their expectations.


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Bad Translator! Machine translations are useful for getting a general idea …

Client for Google Translate. Now you can translate web-pages, electronic mail and other documents without opening online-translation sites and buying expensive bulky programs.

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