About Us

PrimoWords is a translation and localization service provider which was established in 2009 with the intention of providing world-class quality services in the translation and localization industry.

The idea of forming PrimoWords goes back to 2005 (then Tradomax), when a group of M.A graduates of Translation Studies decided to form a translation company. To cut it short, the group didn't survive since some of the basic ingredients were missing. Soon each of the group members took their own paths. It took four valuable years of extensive research and study to build a strong foundation upon which PrimoWords was finally established. Better late than awkward!

We have been able to keep a steady growth since then and our main goal has always been to provide outstanding quality services. To do so, we have conformed to the requirements of ISO 9001:2000, ISO 31000 and BS EN 15038, and have employed Quality Management and Project Risk Management models drafted carefully for the purpose of our company.

Our mission is to keep a steady non-stop progress. We have designed a detailed 10 year route plan which is comprised of 4 milestones and our target is to conquer the highest mountains.

An aggregated form of our code of conduct is as follows:

  • regular examination of our actions to ensure conformity to our aims and objectives
  • honest representation of our capabilities and experiences
  • acceptance of projects based on our knowledge, resources, and time
  • professional management of every single project from quoting to delivery
  • delivery of high professional standard within the accepted deadline and according to the agreed terms, even to the extent of running over the budget
  • protection and treatment of all sensitive information as confidential
  • assumption of full responsibility for the delivered work
  • proper management of the threats and opportunities in the industry

Last but not least, we believe that we are only as good as our last service provided!

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