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3. Have you worked as an in-house employee for a translation/localization company before? If so, please describe length and position within that company. *

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8. Do you outsource work? If yes, Please explain the translator selection process. *

9. What procedure do you follow when you have questions during the translation? *

10. Do you have some sort of checklist to sign off before delivery? *

11. You are meant to deliver always on time. What notice do you give your customer if you are late on your delivery for a justifiable reason? *

12. How do you avoid any "overlooked" errors such as spelling mistakes? *

13. What type of quality checks do you carry on your work during translation and before delivery? *

14. What type of compensation should PrimoWords receive if you fail a translation review (either internal or external)? *


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Please indicate what CAT Tools you have at your disposal and professionally work with (Please be honest since it will not reduce your chances of getting a new job). *

Trados - MultiTerm
Trados - S-tagger
Trados - TagEditor
Trados - WinAlign
Trados GXT
Idiom Desktop Workbench
Star TransIT
Deja vu

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Preferred method of payment (for payments lower than 2000 USD)

1. In order to ensure high quality, PrimoWords select a random 10% of your translation and sends for review. If the result of the review reveals poor quality, PrimoWords reserves the right to deduct 35% of your payment to pay for editing. In case the review reveals extremely poor translation with the need for retranslation, PrimoWords reserves the right to forfeit the payment.

2. All correspondence and the contents exchanged may contain CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION that is legally privileged. The information is intended only for the use of the recipient. You are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying, distribution, use or taking of any action based on the exchanged correspondence and contents is strictly prohibited.

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