HR Recruitment

At PrimoWords we believe that our human resources are the most precious assets of our company. As such, we have a strict set of criteria for HR selection.

We select our translators from those who:

  • are native in their target language
  • are near-native in their source language
  • are full-time translators
  • can prove a minimum of 3 years of professional translation experience
  • have computer literacy (hardware, software, internet etc.)
  • have permanent internet connectivity
  • have at least 2 references

Those translators who pass the above selection process have to go through the following steps:

  1. Pass a test (The test is 500 words long and is comprised of the translator's fields of expertise. They have to return the completed test within 2 hours!)
  2. Attend one introductory session (in-house or online) during which they are introduced to our internal processes, our database plus various resources that translators can utilize to acquire translationally-relevant information (online databases, online corpora, forums, glossaries, chat rooms, etc.).
  3. Pass a one-month pilot work (They are paid during this period and are closely monitored in several aspects and various situations to see how their performance is.)

Finally, those who pass all the above steps are asked to sign and return our contract and NDA.


Project Management
Quality Assurance
Risk Management

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