With two locations at the hearts of the Middle East and South-east Asia, PrimoWords has access to the best local resources to provide top quality services.

However, in the 21st century with access to high-speed internet connection, location truly becomes irrelevant. Having two locations for us is more a matter of having more hours of online presence thanks to 5 hours of time difference. This way we can increase our response time, so that we can serve our clients and customers as fast as possible.

We provide our services through a single management platform specifically designed by our technical team. Among other things, the platform brings together innovative features in order to save time and cost, smooth the project work-flow, and cut risks.

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Bad Translator! Machine translations are useful for getting a general idea …

Client for Google Translate. Now you can translate web-pages, electronic mail and other documents without opening online-translation sites and buying expensive bulky programs.

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