Project Management

We have designed an intelligent project management cycle to ensure our projects are always right on track. PrimoWords' project managers act like a glue attaching the team members responsible in every project. This ensures understanding and healthy communication between the team members and prevents disasters from happening.

Here is a typical translation project cycle for your review:

  1. PM defines the project.
  2. PM initiates the project by selecting the best translator (or team of translators) for the project at hand. Selection is based on a check list.
  3. PM assigns the project to the translator.
  4. PM does necessary follow ups to ensure the project is right on track.
  5. PM receives the product from the translator.
  6. PM sends the product to the Quality Assurance Team.
  7. Quality assurance team goes through a check list making changes on the file where necessary and fill out a report form.
  8. PM receives the edited product and forwards it to the responsible translator.
  9. The translator checks the file again accepting or rejecting the changes, fills out the report form and returns the file to the PM.
  10. PM sends the file to the quality assurance team who go through the file for a second time ensuring the file is final in every aspect and then deliver the final product to the PM.
  11. PM delivers the final product to the client and follows up to ensure customer satisfaction.


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Risk Management

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